Our Research

Since 1959 Dealers' Guide has been the industry's choice for market valuations of all types of passenger and commercial vehicles. Throughout that time a vast amount of valuation and depreciation information has been collected and collated.

Virtually every working day, new vehicles are added to our databases - as manufacturers and distributors advise of their new models - and every vehicle in the Dealers' Guide databases is regularly researched and updated.

On our busiest days up to 500 vehicles may be re-valued and updated, and this is carried out by a human valuation expert, not a computer.


The number of imported vehicles creates additional complications for valuers. They have to know which imported models are equivalent to a New Zealand new vehicle and whether there is an actual pricing difference between them if this is the case.

Keeping up with newly imported models (that have not been in New Zealand before) is also problematic. At Dealers' Guide we have solved this by working with our partner Carjam to check every single instance of the 1.5 million vehicle searches carried out on their website monthly against Dealers' Guide for a match. If a new vehicle shows up, we find out immediately and set about the process of adding this to Dealers' Guide with an accurate valuation attached.

See our Imported Vehicles page for examples of the complications these cause.

Multiple data sources

Vehicle valuations are established by continuously researching market prices from online sites, newspapers, auction houses, wholesalers and dealerships, and then consolidating this data into the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available in the industry today.

Valuations are further validated against our comprehensive depreciation algorithms. These algorithms, exclusive to Dealers' Guide, have been formulated and refined over decades.

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