Dealers' Guide - Since 1959

Welcome to Dealers' Guide.

For over 50 years, Dealers' Guide has provided the automotive and related industries with timely and accurate valuation services.

Every day our researchers check market pricing from a range of sources and update our databases, adding new vehicles as they go.

Until now, access to this information has been confined to corporate and commercial users, with public needs being poorly served and/or excessively expensive.

Identifying Your Vehicle

In partnership with Carjam New Zealand's busiest vehicle information website, Dealers' Guide now offers the public market valuations with accurate identification of every registered vehicle provided by matching its Motor Vehicle Register record against Dealers' Guide's comprehensive database.

The absolutely accurate identification of Make, Model and Variant for valuation purposes starts with one of:

   - Registration Number

   - Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

   - National Vehicle Identification Number Code (NVIC)*

*NVIC is a Dealers' Guide unique coding system for every model and sub-model in the New Zealand market.